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Upgrade self

I wake up in the morning and as usual touring looked up to the ceiling of the room and stared at her a long time and may not interrupt his looks to the ceiling , but the screams of the wife to the kids when awakened them or when passing or children beside him  a quick look and then goes back to the focus in the head awash idea Phenomena over previously with owners ma by someone transient happened to him the position of fast and other ideas for the memories disappointments and most in working disappointment in love disappointment and with live disappointments over and many others ( you rise from your bed or back to sleep ), the voice of the wife has cut chains Alpaca is the rise Dementia to the bathroom dragging footsteps slouches wash his face and then returning for breakfast If chains new differ from its predecessor of bright ideas and finally came out to work to his routine killer and now the same door and the same way Here workplace where the files sitting on the same stairs the same color the same furniture so the same insects Will the change in our hands or however others Are conditions made ​​our lives or we do it Alice there is something we do and whether what we do will be a success or not, gosh what this puzzling is that what they call an upgrade self will really possible to be someone else owns the will of himself and do what he wants to do you know that this is possible and is much easier than We think that the condition will not say the magic

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