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Found on the left a part of the heart, the bicuspid valve is that the link between the atrium and therefore the ventricle. Underneath traditional conditions, this valve - that may be a bicuspid valve- is answerable for the dominant movement of the blood between chambers of the guts.

However, sometimes, either each or one in all the valve leaflets balloons out - this can be referred to as a prolapse. The results of this control prolapse clicking sounds detected via a medical instrument, by a medico. This condition may also end in the valves failing to utterly shut, inflicting blood to leak back to the atrium once the ventricle pumps. This backward flow of blood into the atrium ends up in a sound referred to as a murmur. The mixture of each the "click" and therefore the "murmur" have earned  bicuspid valve prolapse the name of "the click-murmur syndrome".

Approximately one out of each ten Americans suffer from this usually harmless condition and it's found less typically in men. Ladies affected by spinal curvature and alternative kinds of skeletal abnormalities suffer from this condition too.

Signs and Symptoms

People affected by this condition square measure typically symptomless. This condition is usually discovered quite by chance throughout routine internal organ examinations.

Palpitations - bursts of a heartbeat that's fast. A stabbing or shooting hurting that will last anyplace for many hours to many days, that's not caused by exercise. The etiology of this pain is unknown, though it's advised that tonicity changes of the chest wall or the changes within the structure of the bones of the chest is also inflicting them. However, the expected course of the prolapse is sweet, despite this pain.


Usually detected with the help of a medical instrument.
In case of frequent palpitations a 24-hour Holter cardiogram and graphical record is also needed.
A "confirming test" referred to as an Associate in Nursing sonogram is also ordered by your heart specialist or medico.
How serious a sickness is it?

It is symptoms and is sometimes discovered by chance on routine examination with a medical instrument. Though it are often unsettling once discovered, terribly seldom is that this condition a cause for worry. However, there's a really tiny proportion of individuals in whom this condition will cause hurting, palpitations and bicuspid valve incompetence that's important enough to warrant medical or surgical intervention.


For a majority of persons that suffer from this condition, life goes on usually and that they live to a ripe adulthood. Modus Vivendi changes don't seem to be even needed. It's best simply seen as a harmless deviation from the traditional.

The risk issue of this sickness will increase if you suffer from infective carditis. As a precaution live, the prophylactic usage of antibiotics before any surgical or medical procedure is needed. A drug like a beta adrenergic blocker, which can block the impact of adrenaline, is also prescribed if the condition causes heavy and frequent palpitations.

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