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conjunctive heart failure

 Heart failure is the final stage of all diseases of the heart and is a
leading cause of morbidity and mortality. is estimated
represent about 5% of turnover in the hospital,
with more than 100,000 annual income in the United Kingdom.
The overall prevalence of heart failure is 3
20 1000
population , more than 100 in 1000 and more
65 years and older. The annual incidence of heart failure is 1-5
1000 , and incidence doubles for each decade report
Life after age 45. The overall impact is likely to
Increase in the future, both in an aging population
And therapeutic advances in the treatment of short-term
Myocardial infarction, which improves survival in patients
heart failure .
Unfortunately , heart failure can be difficult to diagnose
clinically for many features of the disease are not bodies
specific , and may have some clinical features early
stages of the disease . Recent advances have made little
recognizing the most important modern heart failure
Drug treatment has the potential to improve symptoms and
quality of life, reduce hospitalization rates , reduce the rate of
disease progression , and improve survival. In addition, coronary
reacquainting and heart valves are now regularly
performed even in elderly patients .
A little history
There are descriptions of heart failure in ancient Egypt , Greece,
and India, and the Romans were known to use digital as
medicine . Misunderstanding of the nature of the condition
May have existed until William Harvey described the circulation
in 1628. Roentgen 's discovery of X-rays and Beethoven
the development of electrocardiography performed in the U.S.S.R.
investigating improvements of heart failure . the advent
echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, and nuclear energy
Medicine has improved since the diagnosis and research
Patients with heart failure.
Bleeding and leeches have been used for centuries, and
William Withering published his account of the benefits of
Digital in 1785. In the nth and early nth century, in the heart
Failure associated with water retention was treated with the South
Thebes, which were inserted into the peripheries edematous
Allowing some fluid leakage.
Some definitions of heart failure
" A condition in which the heart cannot download content
Correctly " (Thomas Lewis, 1933)
" A condition in which the heart is unable to maintain traffic
For the needs of the body despite a satisfactory filling pressure "
(Paul Wood, 1950)
" A Psychophysiology state in which an abnormality of cardiac
The function is responsible for the failure of the heart to pump blood
At a rate related to the requirements of the metabolizing
Tissues "( E Braun, 1980)
" Heart failure is a pathological condition in which , although
Adequate ventricular filling, reduce cardiac output or
Where the heart is unable to pump blood at a rate sufficient to
Satisfying the requirements of the tissues with the function parameters
Always normal "limits (H Denali, H, Kuhn, HP
Greenbelt , Loge F, Realer, 1983)
"Clinical syndrome caused by an abnormality of the heart and

Recognized by thermodynamic, renal characteristic model
Neural and hormonal responses " (Philip Poole
Wilson , 1985)
" [A] ... syndrome that occurs when the heart is chronically unable to
Maintain adequate blood pressure without support " (Peter
Harris , 1987)
" Syndrome, wherein cardiac function is associated with reduction
Exercise tolerance, a large number of ventricular arrhythmias and
Shortening of life expectancy " (Jay Cohn, 1988)
" Abnormal function of the heart that causes exercise limitation
Capacity "or" ventricular dysfunction with symptoms " (Anonymous
And pragmatics)
" The symptoms of heart failure, objective evidence of cardiac dysfunction
And the treatment response directed to heart failure "( Group
Force of the European Society of Cardiology , 1995) 

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