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Types of diabetes

Diabetes type 1 (insulin-dependent diabetes) before type is
due to the destruction of B-cells , usually leading to absolute insulin
deficiency ) . It may be immune or idiopathic .
Type 2 diabetes (formerly non-insulin dependent type
diabetes ) is between those of the predominant insulin
resistance combined with relative insulin deficiency , the
with a defect in insulin secretion mostly insulin
Diabetes type 2 and type 1 are the most common forms of
Primary diabetes mellitus . The division is important both
clinic to assess the need for treatment , and also in
Understanding the causes of diabetes that are totally
different in the two groups .
Type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is caused by the destruction of B cells in the
pancreatic islets of Angoras with the resulting loss of insulin
production. A combination of environmental and genetic
triggers an autoimmune attack on B cells is
responsible , which occurs in genetically susceptible individuals.
Therefore, in mono zygotic twins identical only about a third
pairs are concordant for diabetes, unlike the
situation in the type 2 diabetes , where almost all pairs are
consistent. The process of destruction of the islets probably begins
very early in life and is known to begin several years before the
the onset of diabetes .

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