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Things You Should Know About High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat in the blood that helps our body to produce new cells , hormones and protect nerves. The liver is the main organ that produces all the cholesterol that our body needs. In addition to this natural production of cholesterol in our body, we can also get cholesterol from the foods we eat. The high consumption of fatty foods and sugars can cause high cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease. Too much cholesterol can cause hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) when it accumulates .

Think of it as a blockage that forms in the pipe under a kitchen sink. As the accumulation of fat in the pipe, the cholesterol buildup narrows the arteries and makes it harder for blood to flow through them . Reduce the amount of blood reaching the tissues of the body, including the heart . This can lead to serious problems, including heart attacks and strokes.

Types of cholesterol

There are three types of cholesterol , LADLE , DL and silversides . LADLE is known as bad cholesterol. This is the guy that can clog arteries. If you have high cholesterol , it is the need to lower cholesterol . It is good DL cholesterol is. This type of cholesterol helps clear fat in the blood and may help protect against heart attack. The silversides on the other hand , are another type of blood fat . People with high levels of LADLE and silversides, has more chance of a heart attack.


Hyperbole can be caused by the following :

Age .
Diseases. Diseases such as hypothyroidism .
Obesity .
Lack of exercise .
The food we eat.

Cholesterol levels are measured by a blood test . The height limit is 200 to 239. 240 or more are high cholesterol . Below 200 is the ideal level .

Signs and symptoms

No signs or symptoms of high cholesterol. It does not make you feel sick or weak as other diseases. It is difficult to know if our cholesterol levels are too high. At the moment, we realizer that we have high cholesterol and clogged our arteries can . So it's a good thing to keep our blood for high cholesterol .


There are several types of blood tests for high cholesterol :

Simple test to measure total cholesterol and DL cholesterol.
Review of Direct LADLE measures your LADLE level only.
Fasting cholesterol test . This is the most complete test because it measures all the fats in the blood , including LADLE and DL cholesterol and silversides. Fasting requires 9-12 hours before this test .

Changes in diet and taking supplements that lower cholesterol helps fight against high cholesterol. Eating healthy foods and vegetables can help reduce cholesterol. Regular exercise can be good for the heart . Other factors, such as quitting smoking can help increase your DL and improve your heart health .

If you find a change in lifestyle too hard to do, another option is to take supplements that lower cholesterol . You can ask your prescriber supplements that can help.

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