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Menopause and Diabetes

Menopause and Diabetes
 This is an idea that has been proposed for some time, and their response is important for all middle-aged women . Does menopause influence the risk of type 2 diabetes? With the latest news on health, it is time to get a smile , because researchers have found that the answer is "no."

Postmenopausal women have a higher risk of diabetes if they live a non- natural menopause or had their ovaries removed , according to the national clinical trial in 1237 women at high risk of diabetes between 40 and 65.

In other words , menopause had no additional effect on the risk of diabetes . Menopause remains one of many small steps of aging and that does not mean women's health will be worse after going through this transition. The results are published in the " menopause " August edition .

The results also highlighted the impact of diet and exercise and hormone replacement therapy on the health of postmenopausal women. Previous studies have shown that menopause can accelerate the progression of diabetes due to high testosterone levels. All women in the study had " impaired glucose tolerance " , which means that their bodies have struggled to convert blood sugar into energy.

Researchers have shown that lifestyle interventions can help prevent diabetes in people with glucose intolerance.These interventions work well in women who have gone through menopause .

According to the new study, 100 women per year observed , 11.8 premenopausal women developed diabetes , compared to 10.5 among women in natural menopause and 12.9 cases among women who have had their ovaries.

But for those who have had their ovaries and engaged in lifestyle changes , diabetes rates dropped to 1.1. These changes include loss of seven percent of their body weight (which would be 12.6 pounds for a woman 180 pounds ) and exercise for at least 150 minutes per week.

They found these results surprising , as the women had gone to hormone replacement therapy , many fear the risk of many health problems increases. The message from all this is that changes in lifestyle to lose weight can reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

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