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What newborns can

Many mothers , especially those who have their first baby, believe
that newborns are blind to six weeks. this is
not surprising that these mothers treat their babies as
inanimate and ashamed when an unexpected visitor dolls
catch the baby talk . Normal newborn
You can see, hear and appreciate the pain immediately after birth,
even if the mother has received deep sedation . for
hours after the baby is usually awake, looking around                      
for a meal before going to sleep for a few hours .
The distance between the eyes of the mother and
baby when the mother is breastfeeding is the distance
that children can better focus on an object. This confrontation
contacts the first means provides communication between
mother and baby and is probably the reason why mothers
find that covers the baby's eyes during phototherapy
disturbed. Mothers of blind babies have difficulty
feel closer to their babies. Newborns become
warning frown, and gradually try to focus on a red object hanging
about 30 cm in front of them . They stare at the object and
continue with short jerky eye movements if
slowly moved from one side to another. Infants are also sensitive to
the intensity of the light and close your eyes tightly and keep
close if the lights . They can distinguish shapes
and models and arrangements of lines of birth. they
prefer opaque models or bright solid colors and look and
stripes and angles in circular patterns .
Newborns can hear. They meet the
blinking, moving their limbs, or catch his breath. can
stop feeding . Mothers talk to their children in a school
tone of voice and a baby to respond more consistently to their
The mother of his father's voice . Three days old
shows a preference for sweet and bitter hate liquid.
About the same age , it can differentiate odors and
distinguish their own mother and other mothers
Breast shells .
Analysis of sound films shows that listeners and speaker
move in time to the words of the speaker, creating a kind
Dance. For example, as he pauses in breathing or
accented syllable , the baby may raise an eyebrow or less
a foot. The mother realizes these changes, which can
encourage them to keep talking. In a few weeks , or even a
Few days after birth, the baby can imitate gestures as
tongue protrusion , lip protrusion , or open mouth.
If the doctor talk to babies while examining the mothers
not feel ridiculous when they do themselves.

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