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Preventing Heart Disease: What to Eat

Approximately 12.6 million Americans have heart disease.

1.1 million Americans experience a serious cardiac event this year.

One in four Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease . Every 34 seconds an American will die from cardiovascular disease.

No other disease is most women's lives , such as cardiovascular diseases. One American dies every minute as a result of cardiovascular disease.

About 700,000 Americans will have a stroke this year. It's a race every 45 seconds.

HEART DISEASE is the leading cause of death among Americans . Kills many Americans as the next top 5 causes of death.

An important step in reducing the risk of stage heart disease is to change your diet.

This is what you should eat more :

A . Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and fish.

These foods contain monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are good for the heart .

Monounsaturated fatty acids help increase the level of good cholesterol.

There are three chemical sub -called unsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids. These are omega -3 and omega -6 polyunsaturated and omega -9 monounsaturated fatty acids.

Omega -3 content in the fish oil fatty acids ( incompetent and doctors acids ), plants and seeds ( alpha -indolence acid ) and have significant advantages . EEG improve your good cholesterol , reduce the overall risk of heart disease and can reduce your chances of developing an irregular heartbeat .

The American Heart Association and other experts recommend that you should get most of their unsaturated omega -3 fatty acids

Omega 6 fatty acids are found in corn, safflower, soybean and sunflower oil . However, a high intake of omega -6 will result in weight gain and give you a greater risk of contracting certain cancers and chronic diseases.

Omega fatty acids - 9 are in Angola and olive oil. They may also contain chemicals that block the harmful effects of omega- 6 fatty acids.

Eating fish twice a week will improve your good cholesterol , reduce the risk of dying from heart disease, and improve your blood pressure. Choose fish oil such as salmon , mackerel , sardines, or, as they are healthier and are rich in omega-3. Avoid fish that are high in mercury such as shark , king mackerel , swordfish and tile . Fish is the best source of protein and is good for the health of your heart chicken or lean meat.

The amount of polyunsaturated fat that you eat should be up to 10 percent of your daily caloric intake. The amount of monounsaturated fats you eat should be up to 15 percent of your daily caloric intake.

Two . Oats, lentils, potatoes, apples, pinto beans, citrus , black beans and barley .

These foods contain soluble fibber which helps to increase your good cholesterol . Soluble fibber can also reduce blood pressure.

By increasing the amount of soluble fibber in your diet should also increase the amount of water you drink .

Three . Wheat bran , whole grains , seeds , nuts , legumes and fruit and vegetable peelings

These foods contain insoluble fibber. Eating insoluble fibber can help you lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease.

April. Soy products ( soy sauce) not .

Soy products are rich in soluble and insoluble fibber , omega- 3 fatty acids as well as provide all the essential proteins.

May Green tea.

Green tea is rich in chemicals that protect against bad cholesterol.

6 . Coffee.

Coffee contains phenol, a chemical that helps stop the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

7 . Foods high in potassium such as bananas , oranges , pears, plums, melons , tomatoes , peas and beans , nuts, potatoes and avocados.

A diet rich in potassium can help achieve healthy blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of you having a stroke by 22 to 40%. However, too much potassium can cause stomach pain , muscle weakness and , in rare cases , dangerous cardiac events.

8 . water

Many cardiac risk factors are exacerbated by dehydration. In a 2002 study found that if you drank five or more glasses of water per day had a lower risk of fatal if you drank two or fewer drinks per day cardiac event .

9 . Alcohol.

One or two drinks a day will help to protect your heart . But alcohol abuse hurt your heart .

The DASH ( Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension ) diet

The DASH diet is a diet that has been clinically proven to significantly reduce blood pressure. It emphasises whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low -fat dairy products. We recommend:

- Avoid saturated fat and choice of mono- unsaturated oils such as olive or Angola .

- Choose whole grains instead of white flour or pasta.

- Eat fruits and vegetables every day.

- Eat nuts, seeds or legumes per day .

- Eat moderate amounts of protein, preferably fish , poultry or soy products .

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