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Diabetes, secondary things

Diabetes is not just a matter of glucose levels in the blood, there are secondary things a diabetic should know and check every day to stay fit and healthy. The most important thing in the life of the factors that we know are diabetic ; medication at the prescribed amount , control of glucose levels , and visit the doctor for checkups. We all agree they are the most important , but there are other things you can do to help avoid health problems later.

Diabetics have difficulty healing wounds , cuts and bruises , her skin is less sensitive to one of these countries than non-diabetics . Cut your fingernails or toenails , cut the cuticle around the nails or cut an ingrown toenail can lead to cuts and bleeding, which can lead to infection if these simple should be done with care . It is important that a diabetic does not share with anyone shavers, cut up, or other hygiene that can cause cuts or injuries of any kind of utensils. Is carried out , for example , removing an ingrown toenail that was infected cause the removal of a leg or foot , because it is left unattended .

A healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals is also very important. Diabetics lose weight permanently , even when glucose levels are under control so it is very important to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Feeding a diabetic should include plenty of vegetables and animal protein to replenish the loss of muscle mass. This complemented with a sensible exercise plan must be maintained in good condition and not as a hanger. Lots of water throughout the day and night to help the kidneys and liver to process glucose residues and effectively day and night . It is possible that at the beginning you may have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate , do not worry, soon corrected glucose level and operating systems correctly, you will not have to do either.

Another problem with diabetes is dry skin . Weight loss and dry skin combined make you look sick and in extreme cases , the skin of the hands and feet and shows . Hydrate your body after taking a shower with a good cream will go a long way to solving this problem. Avoid creams that are full of chemicals, use natural products that not only moisturize but feed . After taking a shower , do not rub dry , pat your body dry with towel . Apply moisturizer all over the body, take the time to check between the toes , under the arms and make sure there are no cuts, bruises or anything else that should not be there . It's a good idea to apply some cream on the feet and hands again before bedtime , which helps maintain flexible and helps keep the skin from breaking.

Take the time to review their legs due to fluid retention as well. All you have to do is press your thumb on the leg near his foot in the fleshy part . When lifting the thumb of the skin should immediately return to its normal position and coloration. If your ankles appear swollen and it is possible that you are retaining fluid and you need to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to take care of this situation. Water retention is a sign that the kidneys are not working properly and some of the liquid does not come out of your body, gravity pulls the legs. If you have been standing or moving throughout the day and is not part of your daily routine, lie down with your feet resting on a cushion for half an hour , if swelling remains after this, consult your doctor .

Here are some tips on how to make your life easier and more comfortable . They can also help you avoid the situations and conditions that can become serious later. No one knows your body like you do, you know when something is not strange either inside or outside your body will. Keep track of these changes , tell your doctor, who can anything yet, but could become serious problems. Diabetics are not helpless , they are normal people with specific conditions. Daily care and constant attention will make better and more comfortable life.

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