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Given that heart attacks are the murderer # 1 in the United States , it is ironic that most people do not understand the whole process. What exactly is a heart attack , which is hardening of the arteries harden and why?

During normal circulation , the left ventricle of the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood powerful through the aorta ( the main body of the tube) , and all the rest of the body. These arteries branch again and again until they become microscopic capillaries. After the cells the nutrients and oxygen in the blood is extracted , nutrient -poor blood finds its way into the heart through the veins , and is pumped through the right ventricle back into the lungs to restart the process of . The heart is the only muscle that works nonstop until we die , which means it needs its own arteries and capillaries of the system to deliver food in case of need and oxygen is used to endless shots. These coronary arteries and small arteries , veins and capillaries that fill the heart are constantly working hard under high pressure for the entire life of a person .

If the blood supply is interrupted to part of the heart, even for a few minutes dying Article heart, causing gangrene. A heart attack is just that , gangrene of cardiac tissue . If the blockage occurs at the beginning of a coronary artery , the blood supply is usually cut from a larger section of the heart , which means a person usually die . If damage occurs closer to the end of a coronary artery , usually is less important and that person has a greater chance of survival.

If a person surviving a heart attack , which never fully heal. Section of the death of the heart is dead and is replaced by scar tissue. It is possible that this section of the death of the heart to break a few days after the heart attack, causing death. Also, many people end up years after a heart attack damage much of the failure of the heart to pump blood properly die. If the damage is small, but manages to bypass the circuits that make the heart beat , the heart may beat irregularly, and shivered a person dies of sudden death.

So what causes the obstruction of blood flow in an artery ? It is not, as many think , the remains or pieces of cholesterol or other garbage sitting inside of arteries and sticky. What blocks the flow of blood in an artery is the sudden formation of a blood clot, or thrombus . This is the same phenomenon that keeps us from bleeding to death each cut. Blood does not know where the body knows what it means to clot when it comes into contact with the tissue , there is supposed to be . Then what this error as it relates to cholesterol and hardening of the arteries ?

Atherosclerosis is the progressive hardening of the arteries . When this occurs, the accumulation is done on the inside wall of the artery itself , and not attached to the inner part . This is the interior of the artery is a layer of cells, a cell thickness , called the endothelium . The endothelium prevents the blood from coming into contact with any tissue underneath , leading to clotting .

Cholesterol can pass through the endothelium of the blood to the tissues of the arteries by diffusion. White blood cells that eat like cholesterol patrol this area , and if they eat enough cholesterol , they release substances that cause local swelling process and attract other white blood cells . Dental plaque is the accumulation of cholesterol CMB - bursting and other materials that accumulate them. If peels away the endothelial surface , known as plaque rupture , blood coagulates quickly and in this area may completely block blood flow in the artery .

Plate may simply push the passageway and shrinks , but breaks . This guy called stable plaque , can cause pain and angina, but it is much less likely to cause the death of the fragile plaque can rupture at any time. In fact, these flat plates are the real murderers , because the heart does not have time to create a backup of blood supply to the coronary arteries. If a dish is bigger and bigger, the body grows and often spreads to other coronary arteries to increase blood supply to an area blocked by plaque . Then, if the plate is suddenly broken, unless the person has a backup system in place that may be able to save this part of the heart .

Before a heart attack, this piece of heart muscle is healthy, strong and vibrant. One hour after a heart attack , all or part of this muscle is dead forever. A person with highly developed atherosclerosis can live a full normal life if a heart attack never happens. Conversely , a person with very little atherosclerosis may have a single break in a bad place and suffer a heart attack . With modern medical treatment , many of these existing plates can be stabilized , preventing breakage and save millions of lives.

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