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Type 2 diabetes - exercise game to help with glycemic control

Physical activity is known to help prevent diabetes and control type 2, but go to a gym or other facility regularly can be costly and inconvenient for many people. In a study published in Biome Central Endocrine disorders in December 2013 , researchers examined the possibility of using the Wii Fit Plus as an easier and less expensive alternative.

The study included 220 participants with type 2 diabetes. A diabetic group was awarded 12 weeks of treatment with a Wii console, Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus. Another stuck a diabetic lifestyle and usual care for the first 12 weeks .

Diabetics who have made the Wii Fit game for 12 weeks showed improvements in:

Back levels
levels of blood sugar fasting
Mental health
better ability to function in general , and
view of life .
From these results , it was concluded that the Wii Fit Plus has been able to help people achieve better diabetes control and quality of life.

Wii Fit with Wii Balance Board is a product of Nintendo Company and is available in a variety of sources , such as Sears, Wal -Mart, Game Stop , and eBay. The game consists of a combination of more than forty activities, including aerobics , sports moves , dance , yoga, balance activities , and strength training .

Users can enter information such as body mass index and objectives . The program is able to calculate how the user can achieve their goals. The user selects the type of activity and the amount of time and energy you want to go see the amount of calories burned . Time spent out of the year , the program will also be introduced into the equation. Tests of balance and center of gravity of the user tests can also be done to let the user know how much to work on balance .

Several studies have shown aerobic activity to be useful in the fight against type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends at least 30 minutes a day to help increase insulin sensitivity and reduces sugar levels in the blood and the heart and bones . Some studies have shown an improvement in glucose and cholesterol in type 2 diabetic patients who practice yoga. Balance exercises , especially in the elderly , can help prevent falls and fractures - diabetics may be at high risk of bone fractures. Strength training has also been shown to be beneficial for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes - improved insulin sensitivity and reduce belly fat.

When considering a new exercise program , consult your doctor for a general health assessment and collaborate on a plan to achieve your goals

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that you just have to live. By making simple changes in your daily routine, you can protect the heart , kidneys , eyes, and members often damage caused by high blood sugar , and eliminates many complications and can be the experience .

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