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Genetics: single plan for heart health

Are you often loosen healthy lifestyle you agree ? It is easy to say that you are better than someone else or does not hurt. And if you had a more definitive answer what are the risks? Medicine has evolved . The risk of their personal and family history and a few measures is measured. Blood sugar and cholesterol are major metabolic markers measured in the blood to determine the risk of heart disease , diabetes and Listener's disease . There are many brands and now more sophisticated genetic map can better assess risks. This is personalized medicine. Put your unique metabolism and genetics. Having this information can help you make better decisions about their health. You can also help determine what factors , supplements or lifestyle drugs are most effective . It is true prevention . If you catch something early , you have to feed changes

Emphasis is placed on your heart ?

Even if your blood pressure , pulse and cholesterol is normal, your heart can be stressed . Cardiac signals in case of stress. N- terminal fragment of the pheromone - B type intrauterine peptide or NT -Chance is a neurosurgeon produced in cardiac stress. Can occur when there is decreased blood flow to the heart , angina , heart failure , lack of contraction or relaxation and a variety of heart disease or cardiovascular disease . Is a strong predictor of sub - clinical heart disease are not yet expressed clinically and would not be detected by any other means.

Are you at an increased risk of trial fibrillation or stroke ?

Trial fibrillation is a heart arrhythmia that often cause stroke, fainting, weakness and shortness of breath , which can lead to heart attack , stroke and even death. Studies show that 22-30 % of the population carries a gene that puts them at higher risk of developing these conditions . Risk genotype test q -AF can determine if you have genetic variants that puts you at risk . If found, other tests can determine the merits and the best approach so that you do not have to suffer the consequences . You may anticoagulants or aspirin need , but some people have a higher risk of stroke with these drugs. Do you not like to know what is safe and effective for you?

Will aspirin increases the risk of stroke ?

Doctors often recommend an aspirin a day to reduce your risk of heart attack. However, if you do not have the LAP gene are 15 times more likely to have bleeding episodes or bleeding in the stomach or brain. Know your state can help you make informed decisions . Aspirin can help or hurt depending on your genes.

Genetic testing personalize your care

LAP- INTRO 25 genes can predict the risk of coronary heart disease ( CHAD) , SKIFF genotype testing can determine its response to stations, and COPYCAT genotype test can determine the extent to which anti -clotting agents metabolize . Metabolite's have an increased risk of bleeding and may have a hemorrhagic stroke due to bleeding in the brain. Poor metabolite's may not benefit from some anti-clotting agents . Genetic testing can unlock the answers to what works best for you.

Genes are not your fate

Genes are as switches . Your lifestyle , environment , supplements , habits and medication can enable or disable. You're not the fate of their genes, their genetic map can you and your doctor to help personalized attention. You can determine your risk , and the best strategies for the prevention or treatment Invest in your health through consultation with a physician experienced in personalized medicine doctor. You can prevent stroke prevention if you act before it happens heart attacks and accidents.

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