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Women heart disease

to slow Maine life without disease to you. While there is no guarantee of life, has done enough research for long, healthy life , possibility . In order to increase women's health, we list five medical conditions that are of great importance : heart disease, breast cancer , osteoporosis , depression and autoimmune diseases.

1 ) Heart disease: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. In women, the condition for about 29 % of deaths are responsible. But death itself is not the biggest problem for women with heart disease. The real problem is the premature death and disability. There are too many to die of heart disease in 60 years. There are (also ( women who for many years was really sick with heart disease to be out of breath , unable to walk even one flight of stairs ... because heart disease reduced their capacity.

2) Breast cancer: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It is the second Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Experts say that the fear of breast cancer can sometimes be exaggerated , stopping women to visit their doctors for screening, or pushing women to make rash decisions about mastectomy , when it may not be necessary . There are many treatment of breast cancer. Women should learn .

3 ) Osteoporosis : Osteoporosis threatens a large number of people, of whom 68 % are women . Osteoporosis is largely preventable. Behaviors that women develop in childhood, adolescence and adulthood in their really play an important role in the development of the disease. This is because most of the body accumulate in bone mass up to 30 years. Then, holding a new bone formation and the focus is on maintenance old bones . It's never too late to prevent bones strong and fractures.

Random Tip: American scientists have claimed that second-hand smoke are at higher risk of breast cancer. Earlier, their research also to be led to the conclusion that young women smokers are more addicted to smoking than young men. The results of breast cancer are part of a report page 1200 of the Air Resources Board , the pioneer work indeed in the U.S. self-regulatory programs

4 ) Depression : Depression seems to affect more women than men. Approximately 12 million women are affected by a depressive disorder each year. Women need that living, and if they do not have , they tend to become depressed . Sometimes hormonal changes can also trigger the disease. Static, healthy adults are the people in meaningful relationships . Adults can not maintain the relationships their risk for depression, reduced by efforts to reach the community

5 ) Autoimmune diseases Autoimmune diseases are a group of diseases in which the body's immune system and destroyed or altered tissues. There are more than 8 - serious chronic illnesses in this category, including lupus, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes .

It is estimated that 75% of autoimmune disease occurs in women . By themselves , each disease is considered rare , except for diabetes , thyroid disease and lupus, but as a group , the disease is the fourth leading cause of disability in women. It is not known what causes the body to rotate itself , but genetic , hormonal and environmental factors are suspected.

As autoimmune diseases are not well understood , specific risk factors is difficult. Specific hinder the correct diagnosis - symptoms may not be. If you know that something is wrong with you or a loved one , but it is important to have an active advocate for health. It is very common for women to make several visits to several doctors to finally get a diagnosis , but someone should take their symptoms seriously.

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