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The portfolio of the scheme: the solution to heart disease

And if there was a combination of foods that are also effective in lowering LD cholesterol as prescription drugs ? Would it be useful to add new foods you eat each day to avoid medication ?

This is what the latest in a series of research studies Dr. Jenkins from the University of Toronto shows. Studies have already shown that various foods such as nuts , soy protein , oat bran, and plant sterols all can have a cholesterol lowering effect . But what if you combine all these foods together? Last searches Dr. Jenkins shows that the combination of all these foods together is as effective as taking a stating. The results showed a 30.9% decrease in LD cholesterol of the stating and a decrease of 28.2 % relative to the combination of the portfolio of all these foods .

Dr. Jenkins calls this a portfolio of food, it became known as " portfolio regime. " Concept is to add all of these foods in a portfolio type of plan , such as investment , all possibilities improve heart health . This is not a diet to lose weight, however, although the concepts of weight loss and lower cholesterol could certainly be combined with the proper education and guidance of a qualified nutrition expert.

What is the diet of the portfolio ?

Just follow these guidelines :

A. Food Soy meat substitute . Drink soy milk instead of milk and meat substitutes for other high-protein soy foods.

Two . Eat more fiber " sticky " as possible. The people in the study had three daily servings of natural slim supplements . Oats and barley replace other grains and preferred vegetables include eggplant and okra.

Three . Include plant sterol enriched margarine , such as Tenneco and Take Control. Plant sterols are also available in capsule form as dietary supplements.

April . A handful of nuts every day. In the study , almonds were consumed and the Almond Board of California offers portfolio diet recipes on its website ( see recipes ) , but the walnuts lower cholesterol.

Some examples of a typical day :

Breakfast - Include soy milk , oatmeal with fruit and chopped almonds , oat bread with sterol enriched margarine and jam.

Lunch - lunch meats soybean, oat bran bread , bean soup, fruit.

Dinner - sauntered with vegetables , tofu, fruit and almonds.

Snacks - Include nuts, yogurt and soy milk thickened with slim supplement such as Meta .

In this scheme shown to be effective ?

Jenkins et al were curious to see how this system could work in the real world , so people who signed said they wanted to lower their cholesterol . They were told to eat and gave them sample menus - but do not provide all the food .

Jenkins said that almost 30 % of people had a 20 % reduction in LD cholesterol levels after six months. Another 30% had a 15% reduction in LD levels , and a third could not lower your cholesterol, believed to be because they were unable to follow the diet strictly those with good results. What seemed to be the biggest obstacle for people with soy food consumption . Jenkins said most people can eat almonds and substitute products of plant sterols to margarine .

Is the diet for you ?

Many people are concerned about heart disease and stroke , especially if they have difficulties with weight control levels and high blood cholesterol . However, many people do not feel comfortable going on prescription drugs. As this is a diet plan that does not eliminate food groups or follow some kind of way, there is no risk of going on this " diet" . In fact, this is not really a "diet" at all, but a way of eating . And no one should be more than replacing a portion of the recommended foods commonly eaten foods today .

So let's say you want to try the diet, but , like many other Americans , are concerned about adding soy foods to your diet. You've never eaten and do not even know where to find them ! Well, actually they are already in your favorite supermarket ! It may be time to experiment, however, because not everyone will like all soy foods that are available. For more information on soy products , see the U.S. Food Association Soya. Here is a list of foods to consider:

Soy milk . There are several brands and different levels of fat. You can buy full fat , low fat and no fat. You can buy "regular" ( flavored ) , or any number of flavors. I found a brand that I love about the other and you can experiment to find the one you love , too.

Edema . These are frozen whole soybeans harvested green yet. They can be found in most stores healthy foods such as Trader Joes or Whole Foods Market in the frozen section , usually next meal beans . These can be found shell or carapace. You can add to soups or stews or eaten by themselves. I want to eat as my protein for breakfast.

Tofu . Also known as " tofu " tofu cheese is a soft food made WW curdling soy milk curd is pressed into a solid block There are different levels of firmness .. Silk , Silken smooth and firm . is a cream product - as it works well with mashed potatoes or soft tofu platters is best used in recipes tofu mixed in soups or firm tofu is dense and solid and holds up well in the .. dishes even jumped on the grill. Firm tofu is higher in protein, fat and calcium than other forms, but as this is a hearty , this should not be a problem. For recipe ideas , check this link Indiana Soybean Board ;

( Or soy ) Textured vegetable protein. It is the product many soy burgers and other soy substitutes "meat" contain . The best way to determine if these foods are for you are experimenting with a few options.

Mio . Mio is a rich , salty paste condiment that characterizes the essence of Japanese cuisine . Traditionally , Mio is made by combining it with a grain , salt, and a mold culture , then aged in oak barrels for one to three years. Readers may recognize the name as it is a soup kitchen .

Soy nuts . Soy nuts are whole soybeans that have been soaked and cooked . They can be found on the islands of snacks and manufacturers now include soy nuts in a series of layers , including chocolate.

The Tempe. This is a traditional food of Indonesia in Asian stores are most often found . It's a big call on soybean meal deals . It can be marinated and grilled or in soups , stews, or chili is added.

It can be very easy for some people to add nuts to your diet. In fact, it can be difficult to not add nuts too! It can also be "viable " to add more fiber to your diet sticky , too, with a little planning . However, it may be harder to find soy foods can replace meat pleasantly that you are used to eating . However, if your health depends on it , and refuse medication , this can be a good thing to try , especially since there are no risks associated with the addition of these foods to your diet. Remember that these foods must be replaced , not added to the diet. Since calories still count also adding extras to your current diet can cause weight gain , leading to new concerns .

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