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So you want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat ? For years , people have moved from one fad diet to another, but when it ends ? Burn stubborn belly fat does not have to be a genius. If you follow these steps I'm sure you will be fitness lion , I guarantee you will lose that belly fat quickly!

Most people think that you can lose belly fat by doing crunches. This is simply not the case and the truth is that it starts and ends in the kitchen. Without a good diet, you will lose your time and it will be like trying to put out a fire with gasoline and you will be far away of fitness lion.

Then I will present some good steps to begin your journey to weight loss . It is not just to reduce belly fat , which is to reduce the total fat content of your body. Once kicked to initiate this process , the rest will follow to say by by fitness lion .

How to be a fitness lion :

Step 1: Understanding weight loss .

To achieve the goal you want, you need to understand what to do and then go do it. This is the formula for success and to be a fitness lion . The first part of the course is to inform you about what to do. You are already part of the day , because the way you have stumbled upon this article.

Our bodies work like a computer when be full that make fitness lion so heavy . You download more games , software , movies and beginning to collect all this information and the memory used . However that's bad for fitness lion , it is now slower and not as good as when you got it . Why? This is due to their clogged with useless information , taking a lot of memory. If you start to remove some of the memory of the computer will start to run faster and more efficiently and to be like fitness lion .

Our bodies , such as computers , include the "memory" or actually , calories from food. Our food gives us the energy to keep a diary but with fitness lion . When you eat too much and overload your body with the necessary energy , recorded for later because it already has enough to work . By doing so, you will gain weight. However, on the other hand , if you remove some energy (calories) your body will start to burn and have your dose of energy and get fitness lion .

So , now that we have through this start putting it to good use.

Step 2: The amount of calories (energy) your body needs to maintain weight you have.

This is an important step because it is the basis of the food we create for ourselves with fitness lion. To see how many calories you need , simply perform a search on Google with the phrase " daily maintenance calorie calculator " and many free options will come. Pick one and start entering your information ( height, weight , activity level ) so that the calculator can tell you how much you need to stay with fitness lion .

Great, once you have the time to put everything together . So let's say you are 6'1 feet Weight 210 lbs . The calculator says you need about 2,300 calories a day to stay where you are . We will reduce 20-30% of that number to lose weight. That's about 460 calories. So if you cut 460 calories 2300 , you can guarantee weight loss , it's that simple and that another step to fitness lion .

Step 3 : Sign up for a website to track calories.

The beauty of these sites is that they are completely free and offer these great communities for people to come together to achieve the common goal of weight loss . Two examples Moistness and Calorie Count  that very important to get fitness lion . When you register, enter the necessary data that will be launched with the number of calories you burn each day and go from there to make fitness lion.

You enter the foods you have eaten all day and tells you all the nutritional values wand the number of calories you have left remaining of the day to be fitness lion . This is crucial , because if you are able to maintain a calorie deficit , you will lose weight. This is science! It's done and now you get new step to the  fitness lion !

These sites also have such encouraging community whose main purpose is the same as yours ! You already have something in common with everyone, so why not make friends and make the trip that much better.

Step 4: What to eat  to get fitness lion?

The most important question of all . You will not believe what I say , but I assure you that science will never let you down. You can eat ... Whatever you want . That is true. , I said .

Now, do not get carried away. Do you think eating 10 slices of pizza a day will help you lose weight and get fitness lion? Of course not. You should always think in terms of the amount of calories you that day. Say you have a very light breakfast and lunch. You come home from work and ate shelter. You estimate that it is about 1200 calories. Lots of freedom here and you can basically eat what you want in moderation.

Even if you take 2 slices of pizza ~ 400 calories, you will still lose weight for that day, because it has created a space large enough for that to happen and you still have a fitness lion . This is not rocket science people !

Step 5: How often do you eat?

There is a great myth that eating every 3 hours to keep your metabolism high  and keep it (fitness lion). This is true and if you do eat every 3 hours more power to you . However, today, in our busy lives , we're lucky if we get to sit for 3 meals a day .

Do not stress about lunchtime , stress about what to eat and how much.

Remember fitness lion , you'll be on your way to a slimmer .

Another myth is that eating at night will make you gain more weight. This could not be more wrong ! Eating at night is like eating at any time of day . Also, if you are coming home at night , with more than 1,000 calories left for the day do not starve because you think eating at night is bad. Take some healthy snacks and do not forget to keep track of your calories anything!
end first part of fitness lion .

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