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Heart disease in women

In this article , you will be directed to ask " way back to his childhood to contemplate what it really meant the prevention of heart disease in women . See how he moved , how he looked , how received the lives of others , what you were doing . It is the image of his body like a much more beautiful and capable girl now? Your fair skin, his own free white teeth cavities , their smooth and precise movements, his voice soft and clear ?

Here's how it was before the days of smoke and when you learn to live on fast food and offices refuse to eat potato chips and high fat cheddar . After the first years of his life, he may have been placed in a permanent nest in front of the television , where it can be reached quickly tire of fat around the waist and quickly forgot what he was supposed to be like. And he forgot how to move, except the direction of the dinner table .

The table in the second paragraph is what you should want to eliminate from your life and lifestyle of their children. It is easier not to have reached a state of weakness to get rid of it later. This is prevention. Do not even let him. If your kids never eat cheese fries and high fat , you will realize that something is missing.

Try the DASH diet Diet that can help you focus on your diet . This book claims that it can reduce blood pressure in 14 days after your diet.

His daughters will be free from the terrible risk of death statistics of women. The next generation will not have to suffer a heart attack " of chest pain " and died at the hospital. These are women who tend not to take care of themselves to get to the hospital immediately and its treatment too late, and contributes to the death . Sixteen percent of women who are younger than 65 years and had no "heart attack chest pain ," died in hospital , while only twelve and a half percent of men without chest pain and age , has died.

The absence of chest pain do not let yourself be won if you have other symptoms of shortness of breath, debilitating fatigue, palpitations and nausea, please get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible symptoms .

It is legitimate to call 911 , even if you have chest pain . Remember that the risk of death can be returned . Do not wait too long to treat the symptoms. Dr. J. Melissa Wood, co-director of the health program in the heart of Massachusetts General Hospital wife said : "Time is muscle ", which means that the heart muscle dies or is injured because of the lack of oxygen in the blood supply . When the matrices of the heart muscle is called a heart attack, heart tissue dies and becomes useless to pump blood.

Your girls are the women of the future and you certainly expect a lot of progress thereof . Then help them when they are babies to have nutritious food now and throughout his childhood. Do not give them too much to eat when they are babies or choose foods that are unfit for good nutrition. Do not let them eat too much when they are teenagers . If you have built a relationship of trust with them that the passage of years, they will love and respect, recognition of their good example , and they want to be like you .. This is your chance , mothers help their daughters stigma wait to be taken to a silent heart attack.

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