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what should your blood pressure be ?

Both numbers are in a reading is the systolic blood pressure (top number ) and diastolic (bottom number) . The systolic number is the reading of the pressure of blood against the arteries as your heart grows
 . Diastolic pressure is the blood pressure reading when the heart is resting between beats.


Lower numbers are less than 90 mmHg .
Normal systolic number is 120 or less .
Recuperates beginning or at the boundary between 120 and 139.
Hypertensive or large numbers are above 140.

Low diastolic number less than 60 .
Normal diastolic is 61-80 .
Recuperates numbers are 81-89 .
Hypertensive numbers greater than 90 .
Hypertension also has another name , the "silent murderer "
. Often symptoms do not appear until suddenly there are signs of a stroke or heart attack. Sorry, there is no doubt hoping that you might have taken the time to pay attention to your body.
what should your blood pressure be

For this reason it is very important to have at least an idea of www your numbers. Daily stresses of life , the food we eat and even how much sleep do we or do not have influences what happens in the arteries.

How do you get hypertension ?

One of the reasons for high blood pressure is that plaque builds up in the arteries. A person with type 2 diabetes may have an inflammation in the arteries , which in turn can cause the accumulation of the fastest plate . Also eat a lot of cholesterol or sodium solid foods, overweight, and smoking all genes can influence how the health of your arteries.


Lucky people are sometimes a warning stroke or an impending heart attack . Especially if you've been hypertensive for a while and start having these symptoms, be sure to check with your doctor
. These symptoms may include the following :

Severe headache ( may include images that float on the eyes)
Vision problems ( damage to blood vessels)
Chest pain
difficulty breathing

Blood in the urine ( kidney problems)
In the past, the headaches were considered a sign of high blood pressure, but recent studies (published in April 2008 issue of " Neurology " ) showed the opposite: the headaches are in fact a cause of hypertension . People with high systolic numbers have less pain . One theory is that the blocks of arterial stiffness and pain. Severe headaches , especially with a bleeding nose, severe anxiety , dizziness and / or shortness of breath could be the start of a race.

Last revised numbers are recommended every year, such as blood pressure problems in your family or you are already aware that you have them. If this is the case , be sure to follow your doctor's advice about how often to check with him. Then keep track of your numbers at home, not only for your peace of mind , but if you can show your doctor what's going on outside your office . And then tell your doctor if any disturbing thing happens !

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