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You could save lives with proper training

The heart is an amazing organ . His long life only function is to keep the blood pumping through different parts of the body and the various organs, purify and pump again. Considering all the work is done, there is a lot of pressure on the heart . It is well known that as a person ages fact, the amount of stress on the heart increases , and beyond a point of the body slowly begins to decrease. Lots of wear that occurs , and heart hardly had time for tissues to reform.

It is not just older people , either . Anyone can have a heart attack at any point in their lives . Although this is something that can be avoided as far as possible , there is still a possibility of that happening . Moreover, it can happen anywhere, anytime . Maybe when you are sitting in a restaurant, it will happen to someone sitting at a nearby table . Or in a crowded mall. What to do in such a situation ?

Of course , your first instinct is to call an ambulance. The problem is that the few minutes of suffering in the ambulance arrives, the minutes are the most crucial to save the life of this person . Many of the cases , more than ninety percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Therefore, in this case, you can take the responsibility of keeping the person alive.

Temporary management process to a person suffering from cardiac arrest using is called CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. These pump the victim's chest hard , and breathe in the nose or mouth. The concept is that if the heart can not be forced to manually pump blood to the brain and other organs temporarily, then the rest will be handled by professionals after arrival . CPR is used to save a number of lives every day, and you can learn .

There are many where candidates trainer and CPR training places, if there is an emergency . The courses are different in terms of content and timing , so that can be applied to a large number of people from different walks of life.

It is a course that candidates can take that will teach you all the techniques of CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator or AE , and provide training on first aid for choking . This course will teach you to recognize the signs of four major emergencies , IE heart attack , stroke , cardiac arrest and obstruction of the airway by a foreign body .

Then there is another course that teaches skills such as making a ventilation device with a bag - mask and oxygen, using an AE , and so on. All these courses are fully approved by the American Heart Association or AHA , and be certified by the same board .

There is a third way that is designed for people who are in the business of health care . These people will be trained on the procedures that are necessary to keep the patient alive in those first critical minutes before the arrival of emergency services .

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