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fitness lion (part 2)

Step 6: Water , Water

Drink water for fitness lion ! And lots of it ! Sometimes our bodies are hungry , when in reality we are very dehydrated. Water is the fuel of life on planet Earth . If we run out of water, which would not last more than a month , tops.

Instead of taking additional calories you must burn it for more fitness lion , replace soda with water in your diet . You will be surprised how effective this is cutting weight. If you drink a can of soda per day , which will take in about 200 calories per day approximately . If you multiply that by 30 days, you will have a little over 3,500 calories ... a pound of fat ! So if you start by eliminating soda, one pound of fat will save per month . Not bad at all very benefit for fitness lion .

Step 7: Lift Weights

Yes, I knew this would happen. Lifting weights is not absolutely necessary to burn belly fat , but makes it much faster I know you love fitness lion . It is known that a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat even when you are sitting or sleeping. That said, the more muscle you have in your body , the more calories are burned , do nothing .

How awesome is that? In addition, each time you exercise you will burn a lot of calories that actually allow you to eat more of what you want without harmful fitness lion. You do not have to be too picky about what you eat because you know you 're gonad have to burn those calories off  that useful for fitness lion.

Submitted counting calories I mentioned earlier all have calculators that allow you to connect what worked and for how long. In turn, they will tell you how many calories you burn and add that to the amount of calories you have left for fitness lion in the day . Do not jump on the weight if you have access to them. It not only helps you lose weight , your body will look much better(fitness lion) once you've lost.

Step 8: Cardio !

Cardio must be in the list of suitable everyone. It's so good for the fitness lion and health of your heart and is also ideal for weight loss. If you add only 20-30 minutes of cardio a day and time that you will lose weight easier .

Some types of cardiovascular exercise like walking, running , elliptical, bike, etc. Do not be afraid to mix because it keeps your body guessing look like fitness lion. Cardio is also good because it puts your body in a way that burning calories long after you've finished your work will remain .

One of my favorites is cardio blew rope. This easy exercise burns tons of calories and is fun! A jump rope session around 20-30 minutes can burn 400 calories + easily .

Step 9 : Take photos and start your scale !

Get rid of this scale. Your weight fluctuates daily and if we have a narrow range we want to see our results. Well, if you do not have a scale , how to see results? Images and enjoy with fitness lion body .

The photos are great because they remind you progress and you can see visually. Once you see your progress, you stay focused and motivated. It gives you the confidence that what you are doing is working to arrive the fitness lion .

The trick is to not take pictures too often. Try taking one every two weeks. Every 2 weeks to take a picture and track your results. You will be amazed at how your body changes in 2 weeks. Once you see the first picture and notice subtle changes , you start to get excited and do not be surprised if you increase your cardio or training. This is what the motivation is (fitness lion).

Step 10 : Never give up!

This is the final stage , and the most crucial . Many people give up because you do not lose weight overnight . It's just not possible. You need patience and perseverance to keep constant. You must have faith in their work , because if you do not, go back to your old habits of overeating and loss your fitness lion .

The key to obtain fitness lion is motivation and if you stay motivated day , you will realize that each day is a step closer to your goal (fitness lion). If you really want to lose weight , you have to put the time and dedication not take two steps forward and five steps back. Take 2 steps forward babies every day and soon arrive at your destination .

If you follow these 10 basic steps , you will definitely lose weight. No matter how long it takes, do not forget that if you take one day at a time, you'll get there . Weight loss is not rocket science , it's basic science .
fitness lion worth sacrifice
If only one thing from this article , remember that it is calories in versus calories out . This is gold ! Keep your calories at a deficit and will see the weight loss you have always dreamed . Good luck on your journey to obtain fitness lion!

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